Tails From The Pack - A Dogs Tale

The adventures of "The Pack" living in the Alpujarras, the foothills of Spain's Sierra Nevada mountains, Andalucia

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The Thundering Herd This website is dedicated to The Thundering Herd – a team of misbehaving Siberian Huskies (I know, that is redundant) and their hapless bi-ped leaders. Try as we might, keeping this Herd under control is usually a very futile effort

Fivesibes Welcome to the FiveSibes blog! At our home, also fondly known unofficially as “Husky Haven” or the “Double H,” we are the proud parents to five beautiful, loveable, energetic AKC-registered Siberian Huskies whom we fondly refer to as “the kids!”

Norwood Unleashed Hello. I’m a Blue Heeler Jack Russell Terrier mix. I’l be three in July. I was adopted from PAWS New England Rescue. Someone found me running the streets of Memphis TN all alone and the rescue helped me find my forever home in Marlboro MA.

A Canine Opines A Cairn terrier, like Toto, we are a breed of big dogs trapped in little bodies. Sure, I could save Dorothy from the Wicked Witch but I would much rather be in the yard chasing bunnies.

Rahusky My name is RA. Ra was a major deity in ancient Egyptian religion. I am a husky, a Siberian Husky. And I am my daddy’s soul mate.

Tula Monstah I’m an akita girl from Brooklyn who was just wandering the streets all by myself & hanging out in the junkyard. I found a new home in the Metrowest area of Boston, MASS.

North Wapiti Blog Our Siberian Huskies are competitive in many different arenas – most notably, in racing and conformation. We are very proud to be the only Siberian Husky kennel in Canada to have attempted and completed the grueling 1151-mile Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.

Romping and Rolling in the Rockies I live at 8200’ in the Front Range of Colorado. I love exploring nature in the mountains while riding my mountain bike and romping with my Labradors.

Khyra’s Khorner - Khome On By! Khyra and sometimes her moms blog.

Wild Dingo A blog about Juno, Siberian Husky aka Criminal, Loki, German Shepherd aka Cracker and the hu’parents.

Army of Four A blog about Siberian Huskies living in Kansas. Another Tequila Sunrise A blog following the life of Fiona a Goldendoodle

The Chronicle of Woos A blog about Siberian Huskies living in Kansas.

Savannahs Paw Tracks A former shelter cat making a difference.

South from Mulhacen A blog following life living in the Alpujarra.

Victoria Twead Victoria Twead nagged her long-suffering partner, Joe, into moving from England to Spain in 2004. They settled into a tiny mountain village in Andalucía, became reluctant chicken farmers and ended up owning probably the most dangerous cockerel in Spain.

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Tyler_T-Dog i’m a Huskamute or a Malamusky. a combination of a husky and a malamute! i’m so cute :)

FritzTheHusky I am a Siberian Husky Puppy who loves to run, play outside, chew bones and play with my stuffed animal friends. I also love my mommy!

Thundering_Herd The Thundering Herd - A team of six misbehaving Siberian Huskies

FiveSibesMom Author,Writer/Photographer/ Photojournalist,PR Editor,Siberian Husky owner/blogger.Love my daughter,husband,family & my Huskies!(And the cat that adopted us!)

Caleb the Husky We are Caleb & Strider, husky brothers. We adopted the account of our late furbro @bensonthehusky 28.05.08 - 14.12.11

Seager Beans I bite. I hump. I string bean it. I am Seager Beans. Cattle dog mix. Rescued. Previously @norwoodsworld human is @CRC_Debi

norwoodsworld I am a Blue Heeler Jack Russell Terrier Mix. Come see what life is like on the fun furry side!

ra_husky I am Nanük the huskerboo! I took over my brofur’s handle when he went #OTRB 9.28.14. Let’s play!

SiberianForrest Forrest’s mom, best friend, and typist!

tula monstah TULA MONSTAH, a rescued akita reacting2life (and sometimes tweets from her bean, dee)

Sindy Roo Living the presence the way my beloved Bernese Beau taught me. As he has reached the stars, I compile his memoirs & travel along with Podengo Sindy Roo.

MaisyDoodle I am a Labradoodle and am very cute! I am also the fastest dog in the Universe. I love pigs’ ears. Nothing else to say.

Husky2525 Share my life w/ 3 rescue Huskies + Brady: Aspen, Roku, Brady & Terra. Hike, Bike, Camp, Snowshoe, Casual Guitar & Banjo Player, News Junkie.

Oz_theTerrier A little dog with big opinions and a creative spark who blogs about the world around him. Enjoys being friends with most dogs, cats, animals and humans.

DakotaBDog New sibling to Angel Dakota B Dog. Although small, I’m mighty! *tiny arrooos 321Viv Just muddling through. Fierce supporter of Mental Health Rights. Animal lover. Pets as Therapy volunteer. Fibromyalgia. SlimmingWorld member.