Wrong camera setting walkies

Khumbu Jun 27, 2016

It would appear from these photos that hu'mum had the wrong setting on the camera. She thinks it must be the fish eye setting because we are all funny shapes. Still at least we had water to play in. We had a beautiful sunset too.

Here is a little video of us. The first clip is of Rita and me (Khumbu) returning when called. Excuse hu'mum huffing and puffing but we did make her nearly run up the hill because we had vanished on the road, she was not impressed with us! The second clip is Kyra realising she had been left behind and a rare moment where she reached 3rd gear BOL

Everything looks fine here on our first water stop

Things starting to go very wrong. Kyras head has shrunk and her body has grown

Nice and deep in here today. Not bad but how did the walls bend like that

Now this is just wrong, very very wrong, my body is NOT that shape

Beautiful sunset over our home town

Khumbu and Rita enjoying the strange light produced by the sunset