Windy walkies

Khumbu May 13, 2016

Another bloggie from us. Today's walkies was rather windy, again. The weather is set to improve and Spring should be with us again soon. If you wonder why sometimes the posts are a little Khumbu focused it's because he is on a lead, most of the time, so is always within range of the camera. Rita usually is off on her own adventure and mostly out of range of the camera. Kyra is always right behind hu'mum and we mean right behind, so it's difficult to get shots of her. Also Khumbu seems to feeling his age a bit at the moment so hu'mum is making the most of his handsomeness. He is going through a phase of reverse sneezing (among other issues). It freaks him out terribly. Have any of you ever had reverse sneezing?

Khumbu snoozing. Hu'mum couldn't work out how to get the flash on the camera. She now knows!

Kyra waiting patiently

Rita playing in the muddy puddle while Khumbu eats grass

Khumbus feety feet in the water

A rare shot of the 3 of us in the water. Khumbu likes the deeper water where he can get his chest wet

Khumbu enjoyed some off lead time

We were not feeling it today, too windy. Rita pulled some funny faces

Yep still not feeling it

Khumbu calls an end to it. Rita has her Yoda ears on!

Khumbu striking a pose. Yep there is snow on the hill behind

Rita asking what do you see Khumbu

Back home


The Ao4: We LOVE those skies behind you in the pix of you up at the chapel! Such a gorgeous area! I'd love to splash in that water with all of you! Yours sincerely, Margaret Thatcher