We had a day of rain!

Khumbu Nov 29, 2017

Before the hu'parents went away and while Auntie Emma looked after us the weather, according to the hu'parents, had been just perfect. Every day around 19C to 22C. Now for us, we prefer the colder weather and of course the snow.

To get snow it has to rain and the temperature needs to drop and that is exactly what happened on this day. The only problem was the temperature did not drop enough for it to snow down here at home. But in the mountains, the first snow of the season was falling. When it's a wet day there isn't really much for us to do other than hang around inside the house and ask to constantly be let out so that we can make muddy paw prints all over the floor when we come back in. You will see lots of our artwork in the following pictures.

The boys did a lot of this

Rita did a lot of this

Kyra did a lot of this

Khumbu had a break from chewing so Rita took his place

Khumbu took up chewing again, Arko came for snuggles and the girls were back in their usual positions

Arko pretending to be asleep but his devil eye gives him away

Kyra returned from a trip outside and declared it bedtime


The OP Pack: We think we will have a day just like that tomorrow as we will finally get some much needed rain. We too like the cold temps and would much rather see some snow than rain. Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber