Walkies - Rita was naughty

Khumbu Aug 22, 2014

Rita was doing so well today, she didn't have a tantrum when the canny collar was on, she recalled well, she kept an eye on us when off the lead and didn't go to far ahead. After the last photo was taken she ran off after Ibex, hu'mum had not seen them and we gave her no indication they were there. Rita will now have to stay on the lead as we pass this section in future as this is not acceptable behaviour. Kyra and I found it highly exciting but we did as hu'mum asked and kept going on past and to ignore the silly yaps coming from Rita way down below us.

Heading up, although I'm heading down!

Khumbu does not want to sit with us



Cloudy on the coast and out at sea and a dirty camera

Hu'mum said there was still no water but we decided to check


The Ao4: We don't have Ibexes here, but I did find a salamander today!!! Your walkies sure look like FUN!!! Yours sincerely, Margaret Thatcher