Very wet walkies

Khumbu Mar 02, 2018

We made it to March at last. We've had two days of very wet walkies. It rained so much here a new river started up outside the house. The humans were very happy with the rain, we not so much. Walks were short and we couldn't spend time outside. We made the house as wet inside as it was outside BOL I guess we should be happy to have the rain knowing it is putting lots of snow down in the mountains and you never know we may even get to play in it.

Hey we have a new river

The boys snoofling around

And another new river

The boys coming back from more snoofling

The next day the river had grown. Arko is doing strange things with his legs BOL

Wet Kyra

Wet Rita

Wet Khumbu

Wet Arko

Wet sofa, wet floor, wet Khumbus bed thanks to Rita

A short video of the river Two days of rain and March 3rd brought us a dry day

Time to get our greens

Kyra hanging out on the sofa

This is what the girls get upto