Things we see on our walkies

Khumbu Dec 28, 2014

Just a few photos of some of the things we see on our local walkies. So first up is our new horse friend. We often see the big horses in their playpen but this little one is new and still very small.

Welcome to the world new little horse friend

Rita was stopped in her tracks when she found this fire. No need to worry though as the owner of the land was there looking after the fire.

Rita - FIRE

Well we all know about the Wild Boar that live around here, but heck I think this one had been having a party over night. We have not met a Wild Boar yet (although I did see a family once with my angel brother Bruno but the hu'parents made us go another way), the hu'parents say they can be dangerous especially to nosy dogs!

Wild Boar over night party

It's the time of year when the Ibex (wild mountain goats) come to live near us. We often cause hu'mum problems as we get very excited, even if we can't see them, we can smell that they have been there. When they are around they will watch us like in this next photo.

Ibex ... hello down there

This is okay when they watch us, but then they try to have some fun and tease us, they run and we are not allowed to run after them. Hu'mum has all 3 of us on a lead, Kyra and Rita wear their canny collars, and usually I have been reeled in so all is good for hu'mum.

Hard to see in this photo as it has been shrunk down so much but the Ibex are running across the mountainside. You can see me and Rita want to run with them to

Hu'mum has taken to walking us up hill on this section now rather than down hill, she says she is less likely to fall over or get dragged across the mountain!

Wooo wait for me

We hope you see many exciting things on your walkies.


Khyra: Isn't it fun to have the superpower of SMELL??? The Doggy Nanny is khonstantly amazed at what I khan smell ;-) Thanks fur sharing these great scenes from your walks - SIGH! How I wish I was along - Hugz&Khysses, The One With The 'h'

NanĂ¼k: Oh those Ibex are very pretty, pops says no chasing the Ibex BOL!! Happy new year mates, Nuk & Isis