Thelazia = eyeworms

Khumbu Oct 29, 2012

Thelazia is a type of roundworm, this particular type parasitise the eye. They come from a non biting fly which feeds on tears. In Europe it has been narrowed down to the fruit fly and this one in-particular the Drosophilidae. The first case of canine Thelazia in Spain was recorded in June 2010 in Central Western area, and I live in the South!! Besides dogs, cats and humans, on the research ive done, it appears in can infect anything that produces tears. Theres a lot of information out there on the internet. Now you know a bit of the back ground of Thelazia, on with my story.

1 of the 9 worms in my eye

I was having a few health issues one after the other, eye infection, cold and very painful lameness. The eye infection would come and go, the cold went and after frightening the humans so much with my yelping, where ever I was hurting in my body went to. After fiesta and a weekend (when our vets are closed), the hu'parents decided on Monday I was going to the vets for a check up regardless of how I was feeling.

I had my legs and everything checked. All ok, I showed no signs of pain anywhere. Phew, hu'parents are paranoid after Bruno having Osteosarcoma. The vet put some dye into my eye, shone a light into it and jumped back about a foot. He then started to get really excited, saying "mirar mirar, gusano" (look look a worm). Hu'mum saw the now fluorescent worm wriggling across my eye. Another appointment was needed after the medicine had been ordered.

We turned up on Tuesday for what we thought was going to be an injection. It was big injection, they were told I may cry, I didnt utter a word (brave boy). I had an injection in my leg to make me relax, we went back into the waiting room to wait for it to take effect. At this point the hu'dad popped next door to the bar to pick up a couple of drinks. Huh get them!!



I went to sleep, was put on a stretcher and carried in and put on a table. The vet then started to remove the worms from my eye. He removed 9 in total, 9 can you believe I had 9 of those things wriggling around in my eye. Even though I was asleep I didnt like it and kept trying to hit them with my foot. It was decided there were no more, back on the stretcher and into the car.

Me on the stretcher

Hanging out on the table!

We got home and the hu'parents carried me into the house. Can you believe hu'mum took advantage of me being asleep and brushed me, she got rid of a lot of hair but didnt turn me over to do the other side. I eventually woke up at 11pm and was rather drunk. With the help of hu'mum holding my harness I staggered outside for a long long pee. Collapsed again outside for another sleep. From 1.30am, after I had woken again, I would wake hu'mum every half hour or so by walking in the room and crying. Next day I was as good as new.

Operation remove the worms

2 of the worms

Im having antibiotic drops in my eye twice a day for a week. Friday was my next appointment for more treatment. So I went down and had my next appointment. Having got all worked up and stressed it turns out I was just getting a spot on, hopefully should help rid the worms. I will have this again in 15 days and 15 days after that. Check up in around 15 days. I was so pleased and bouncy when I left I met a scared Doberman in the waiting room and went to say hello and tell him it was ok, but he was muzzled and couldn't talk back. Keep your paws crossed thats the end of the worms.

This is how I slept until 11pm

We would like to thank Jose and Eva from Clinica Veterinaria Lanjaron for their help and paitence.


Khyra and Sometimes Her Mom: I would have gladly tikhkled 'em out with my flooooooooofy tail! I'm SO furry happy woo are feeling better again! Hugz&Khysses, kHyra ;-)

RAHUSKY: Oh how traumatic Khumbu. Hopefully woo are done with all that! Have a marvelous fall mate! It's almost Christmas!! RA