The tale of a nose shot

Khumbu Dec 30, 2014

Hu'mum wanted some shots of our noses, we have no idea why, but she did, it did not go well. What does she expect when there are no treats involved? We have read on many of your blogs that you get treats for being good, so from now on we will not do anything without a reward! Here are some pictures of how the shoot went! First up is Rita.

What no I don't want to stand up I want to lie on my back like this. Does it not work for you hu'mum?

well in that case I am not even going to look at the camera, I shall turn my head away

Then came Kyra's turn.

how's this hu'mum, fluff on my snooter, drool on my chin and oh look you can almost see what I had for dinner

Is this working hu'mum? No I can't keep my lower jaw still I am trying to pant here you know

Then came my turn.

Nope shall not look at the camera


No, no no. Side shot?

Seriously take that camera out of my face, you are boring me now

I don't care if you can see your reflection in my eye, my nose looks enormous at this angle and it's blurred

Okay one shot and you messed it up, blurry

So there you have it, no treats, no models, a lesson for all of us there furfriends, it's time they realised we need paying for jobs.


The Ao4: No treats, no posing. That's my philosophy! You all DO have mighty cute noses, though! Cammie!

NanĂ¼k: Hawwooo Khumbu! That's some nice siber-style posing there BOL!!! You all have beawoootiful snooters by-the-way, NukNuk

Anna: I loved those shots of their noses, Rita just loves the camera x