The setting super moon

Khumbu Dec 05, 2017

While out on our walk it was hard to miss the super moon that was setting. We were approaching the Ermita and hu'mum saw a great shot. She had us sit down next to the super moon, or where she thought the super moon would be, and she walked back down the track.

Khumbu had other ideas though, he thought we had sat long enough and treats were in order. She managed to persuade him that the photo had not been taken yet so to stay where he was and please help out with the photo session. All in all, she didn't get us positioned correctly, well she did initially but the moon moved very quickly and these are the shots she got.

Khumbu thinking it was time for treats, Rita looking disgusted

She managed to get Khumbu to stay, by then Arko and Rita were distracted

Khumbu decided to sit and hu'mum missed the super moon from the shot

Boredom was setting in

Rita really has had enough

We never did give her the shot with all four us looking at the camera sat next to the super moon