The cold continues

Khumbu Dec 04, 2017

We've been enjoying this cold weather and our walks in particular. Two reasons, the acequia is still flowing and the Ibex are back around the Ermita area and we all know how we enjoy to see them.

Sadly hu'mum does not have enough arms to hold us and take photos of the Ibex. We don't understand why she needs to hold onto us, we only want to say hello and welcome them back.

Group shot taken the day before all the others. Hu'mum needs to up the treats or we won't look at the camera

This is how cold it is, we even have ice at the acequia

The thing about the cold temps means we get clear views down to the coast and often see the mountains of Morocco. Not in this picture though but you can just make out the coast

Khubmu decided he wanted to visit the Ermita, not sure why, hmmm Ibex maybe?

We waited for him to return before heading home

No room for humans


The OP Pack: Those are some amazing photos - your skies are SO blue!!! But best of all, we love the group shots, especially that first one:) Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber