Tapa has gone to the rainbow bridge

Tapa Dec 22, 2013

Sadly once again we have lost a member of the pack to poisoning (you may remember when we lost Taz the cat). Tapa was out for a walk with the pack on Friday 20th December and we can only think that he picked something up somewhere along the way. On Saturday he was not well, nothing to suggest he had eaten poison, just not well. Over night he deteriorated very quickly and started to vomit blood. The vet arrived and gave him a shot, he was not hopeful. He said to call him back if he did not improve by 8.30pm. Tapa actually went blind from the toxin, but he did pick up a little and went outside to sit in the sun for a while. Unfortunately after that he went down hill big time. He was so very cold, the poison was stopping the body from regulating it's temperature and he gave us the sign that it was time and enough was enough. The hu'parents called the vet and he agreed and he helped Tapa make his journey to the rainbow bridge.

So our feisty scruffy little Tapa is, we are sure, causing all sorts of trouble at the rainbow bridge. We miss the little guy and still can't understand the use of poison.

Baby Tapa

Tapa the walking rug

Scruffy Tapa

Flying Tapa

Captain Tapa

Tapa after a haircut

Tapa having fallen in the swimming pool

The last picture of us all together



Pat Anderson: Still so sad about Tapa, smaller dogs are appealing to me more and more and I love the Scruffy little Tapa types now but oh my word he was such a CUTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!! puppy . I wish people would think twice about using any poison but to just leave it lying around, that is murderously stupid - I apologise for some of mankind Tapa but I know you will be creating havoc now and will have others members of the pack that have gone before looking after you XXXX <3

Debi & Norwood (dog): That is so sad to lose Tapa to something like poison. Why do people use it? Senseless. Tapa you will be missed! I love seeing all photos. You were a special dude. Debi and Norwood

Laika: I'm speechless. I'm so sad for you and for Tapa.

Caleb and Strider: We are all so sorry for your loss. Run free Tapa. Big hugs and soft wooos from us all.

RAHUSKY: So sorry for woooos loss, with sympathy and much respect, RA

Kari: We are so sorry to hear this. Sending you our love Stop on by for a visit Kari http://dogisgodinreverse.com/

Davina: Cutest little doggy ever. Such a sad story for the boy