Sunny walk on the GR7

Khumbu Jan 30, 2010

One of our morning walks is along part of the GR7, the long distance path that humans walk.

On the GR7

The almond blossom is coming out now and makes the trees look pretty.

Almond trees with blossom

On this walk we go past some dogs that always bark at us and run after us, mum always makes the dogs go back (she watches the dog whisperer programme), but we find it very exciting.

Heading down towards the barky dogs

There are 4 dogs that bark at us, the small one Bruno ran after and it screamed! The picture only shows 3 of them.

The barky dogs

After the barky dogs, we met some goats, mum made us walk past when we just wanted to go and chase them. After the goats it was all down hill back to home.

Im looking down towards the goats