Stick your tongue out day

Khumbu Jun 27, 2010

Apparently we doggies stick our tongue out when we are sleeping! Does anyone else do this? According to the Hu'parents Tapa does not!

Me with a sticky out tongue

Bruno with a sticky out tongue


The Thundering Herd: Woo - looks like fun. We will play

Lisa & Star: awwwwww soo cute. Star sleeps with her tongue out - I think its really cute :)

Lisa & Star: Star sleeps with her tongue out too. it's so cute to see dogs sleeping like that :)

A Husky Life: Aww it's so cute. HG sleeps like that too :)

norwood: Hmmm I'm gonna have mom check because she's not sure. Bruno looks silly. I'll try to catch a photo to show you. norwood

@Jasmine_woo_woo: It's an epidemic! My tongue peeps out when I sleep too! I do it to be prepared, just in case someone puts a bowl of food in front of me while I'm asleep ;)