Some nice photos of Khumbu & Bruno

Khumbu May 30, 2009

Here are a few nice photos of Khumbu (Siberian Husky) and his best friend Bruno (Leonberger) on the day they played in the acequia. Bruno showing off his big tongue.

Bruno showing off his big tongue


Khumbu running free off the lead

A happy bouncing Khumbu


Doreen: Hi Kirsten I don't know if you can do this but I wanted to thank you for your story about your dog with Leishmanitis I found your page while searing for help with my Dog Jack. I live here in North Cyprus and he has been diagnosed with it. I can't afford the injections so he is on the Alluporinol tablets but he keeps getting a sore on his front paw but is otherwise fine. I am too frightened to take him to the vets as they have not been helpful to me and want to put him down but he is not suffering I know him. It helped to read your story, Thanks Doreen