Snowshoeing with the hu'parents

Khumbu Jan 28, 2014

Recently I got to spend the whole day with the hu'parents snowshoeing. Kyra had a poorly leg so she couldn't come along and Rita is too young for a full day out in the snow. Mind you the depth of some of the snow we would have lost Rita BOL.

I got bored waiting for the hu'parents so decided to take myself off!

Errr someone stole the snow

That's better but hard work in this deep stuff

Heading up with hu'mum

Follow me I know the way

Time for a selfie

Don't ask, just some random shot!

Having a rest, nice view behind me

I see you hu'dad wait for me

How to get let off your lead, pull your hu'mum over in your excitement of snow. Oh and you can see Africa in the distance on the wonky skyline!

Back on the lead again, snow was to deep so I had to follow hu'dad snowshoes

I know there is something in there

Off lead again and totally ignoring all calls for don't go to far away!


Yeah OK I get it, I'm waiting for you

I know there's wild boar in the woods that's why I want to go in!

Talk to the tail

This way hu'dad

In the forest, off lead, the very first time ever! Hu'mum does not trust me for some reason!

Nearly back at the car.

A good days work.


RAHUSKY: That's quite an adventure Khumbu! Any looks like you are even off leash for some of it! Woooo! RA

kHyra: Parlez au Les Pantyloons aussi ;-) Hugz&Khysses, The One With The 'h' PeeEssWoo: SO MUCH FUN!!!!!

Laika: What a great day you all had and fab pictures too.