Snowshoeing in May!

Khumbu May 23, 2013

Yes hu'mum just came across these photos from a snowshoeing trip we had May 23rd this year!! We had a great day in the Sierra Nevada, I mean really with all that snow around it was impossible for it not to be a great day even if it was soft hard work snow. There are a lot of photos, we hope you like them.

Setting off

Not sure what Kyra is up to here

Errr not sure what hu'mum is up to with this, she thinks it's funny I look tiny!

That's better, full size again

Come on humans why are you so slow. Our target was the mountain in the background.

Kyra trying to keep the humans together. I left her to it, my tracks are the other side of the humans bol

Yes that is me doing as I was asked wait

Don't you worry furpals it didn't last long, I got bored waiting for the humans, so I went on my own adventure!

What hu'mum? A boy's got to have fun

Back together again

We decided to join hu'dad on his skis

Kyra still trying to round all humans up.

I told her to forget about the humans and come have some fun running in the snow

Sorry hu'mum but I thought it was quite funny

Still a long way from our target. Skis are so much quicker than snowshoes even going up hill

Me and Kyra waited here with hu'mum. We were told we had done enough up hill

Kyra sat for a nice photo

I photobombed this one. We were getting bored and wanted to know where the others were

Ho hum, we ran off and joined the others

By the time hu’mum eventually caught up with us we were ready to rest

Not for long though. What do you reckon Kyra, race you to hu’dad

Just kidding hu’mum we will watch them from here

Kyra wasn’t too keen on the plan. I did tell her to be careful in case her tongue stuck to her nose!

Now the fun part, canines chase hu’dad on skis down hill. Nope we didn’t want to chase hu’dad.

Yes, yes I’m coming

Kyra on strike!

Yes I’m still on my way

Nope definitely not chasing hu’dad on his skis, Okay!

What do you mean you told us to rest on the way up, we never heard you say that!

And of course to finish with a short video of us messing around in the snow.


Jenna,Mark “HuskyCrazed” Drady: wow! Absolutely beautiful pics!!!!! Looks like SOOO much fun!!!

RumpyDog!: Whoa! What a great adventure! I wish I had gone too!