Skiing, ice and then soft snow

Khumbu Apr 01, 2013

We went with the humans again, we have to look after them, we are working breeds after all! Basically, we dogs bailed out because of ice, we sat with hu'mum whilst the others went on uphill. Turns out they didn't go much further either because of the ice, should have listened to us. Oh and I got to be off lead all day, yep I was a good husky. Lots of pictures to tell the story.

Follow me I know the way

A little detour. There is something very wrong with the horizon in this picture!

Back on track. Come on everyone keep together

Waiting because it was too icy and windy. Hu'mum trod down the snow to make it easier for us to sit.

Talk to the tail because this husky ain't listening

What do you mean I'm going the wrong way

Fun time, beat the skiers. I win every time, they just can't keep up with me.

We had lunch and the snow softened up, so the skiers went back a short way again to ski down. We stayed put, well apart from Meg, boy that Border Collie has some energy, she will learn one day like I did, rest when you can.

Bottoms up, time for a drink

Kyra practicing the mad face I taught her to wear in the snow, the hu'parents love to see our crazy faces

Meg has the run correct, but needs to work on her crazy face

If I close my eyes long enough Khyra and Juno will appear

Follow me Kyra I've got an idea

A game of catch Meg

Caught Meg

Skiers made their way back up hill. Kyra couldn't make her mind up to stay or go. Meg brought her back to me and Hu'mum

I came back too

We rested up

Kyra resting up

OK take my photo if you must, hows my smile?

Good pose Kyra

More resting

Then hu’dad appeared with a flying Meg behind him

Wooo welcome back hu’dad

Happy and ready for home

This was what we dreamed about that night

We apologise about the video, there is a lack of us skiing with the humans, the helmetcams etc were not pointing in the right direction!! Oh and the music……


Clowie: That looks like lots of fun! The photos are great - especially the flying dog!

Anna: Looks like you all had a lovely day out, cannot wait to catch up on all news when hu'parents are back home xx

kHyra: SIGH! Woo KNOW I am SO there! Hugz&Khysses, kHyra ;-) PeeEssWoo: Good husky? Hmmmm, must be an April Fool's Day joke, eh?

RAHUSKY: Ah the good life! Khumbu, love the pic where woos are racing the skiers, that looks like sooooo much fun, play bows mates, RA