She needs to up the treats

Rita Mar 07, 2018

It was a beautiful blue sky day, perfect hu'mum thought for trying to get some shots of us against it with the snowy mountains behind us. We had other ideas. Today's post is all about Rita and how she has perfected the art modeling! We must mention that we were not positioned in the right place to even get the snowy mountains in on the shot!

Hey Rita would you come out from behind the bush please

Nope, Okay I will come round the otherside of the bush

How's this?

What was that?

And relax, still not looking at the camera though

What camera?

No I can't see one over there

There is something over there my radar lugs can hear it

Yep definitely something over there.

Oh or was it this direction it came from?

Pufff that's what I think to cameras



The Ao4: Way to make her work, Rita! We think you look majestic up there - no need to look at the camera! (Especially given the lack of treats!) Yours sincerely, Margaret Thatcher