Rita's first experience of snow

Khumbu Jan 09, 2014

It's been a long time coming but eventually the hu'parents took us to the snow. We have had a serious lack of precipitation this winter so far and what snow has fallen has melted fast and a lot of what is left if ice and not good for us doggies. But we thought we should go to our favourite place and hope that we would find snow and that it would be soft enough for us to play in. This was Rita's first experience of snow and we were all looking forward to see what she would think of it. There were four humans and four doggies. The humans were the hu'parents, Pepe and Ian, the doggies were me (Khumbu), Kyra, Rita and Meg (the Border Collie). It goes without saying that we all had a blast as I'm sure you will see by all the pictures, there were humans and dogs everywhere. Sorry but there are a lot of photos.

Ready for the off

The walk in to the snow


Rita having fun

Kyra chilling out in the snow


Meg with a stick

Meg and Rita chasing Ian

Pepe sliding down and me running up hill

Rita chasing hu'dad

Chasing Meg who is out of the picture




Hu'dad laughing at me doing all the running



Running with tongue action

Tasting the snow



Time to head back. Can you spot me and Rita. Easy really just follow the string bol

Kyra waiting for everyone to catch up

Getting a drink in a stream

Heading into the forest

Watching Meg and Rita playing

Nearly back at the car

Rita found some mud just before we got to the car


Sue Sharpe (@suesharpe1): Great photos! I love the expression on Rita's face as she tastes the snow ;-)

Kari: What fun! Everyone looks so happy! Stop on by for a visit Kari http://dogisgodinreverse.com/

Laura: These photos are pure joy.

Caleb and Strider: Brilliant photos! We love them. You all look so happy. Great fun :)

kHyra: Of khourse, woo KNOW I wish I khould be there ;-) Thanks fur sharing those great shots! Hugz&Khysses, The One With The 'h' :-)