Rita celebrates her 4th Gotcha Day

Khumbu Nov 17, 2017

Today is Ritas 4th Gotcha Day. We had a nice walk which was topped off with Ibex, yes they have turned up again. Our group birthday photo didn't quite go to plan due to the unexpected showing from the Ibex.

Not a lot has really happened this week, we have a few random pictures from at home and walks.

Our Auntie Emma is staying with us for a couple of weeks. She will be looking after us while the hu'parents go visit their family in the UK for a few days. I am sure we will be on our best behaviour for her BOL

Khumbu having his afternoon siesta

Arko with the plant sprinkles in his coat

A surprise flyby from a Heron

Husky bookends

Arko caught his tail

Distracted for the group birthday photo, we could smell those Ibex

A distracted Rita on her 4th Gotcha Day

The reason for the birthday photo distraction

Rita on the day she arrived in Lanjaron at our house, how cute was she


nanuk: Happy birthday Rita!! NukNuk & Family

The OP Pack: Happy Gotcha Day, Rita - you remind us a lot of Lighting as a puppy in your last photo. Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber