Off road walkies

Khumbu Dec 20, 2017

Another day of fun for us.

Arko was off lead again and we went off roading. We now think this is a great game as we get sweeties (treats) when we come back, so we do it quite often now BOL

We ended the day playing in the garden with the rose from the watering can!

Paddles in the acquia

Khumbu where you gone?

The boys returning from their first off roading

What are you two doing down there? Cheeky faces

The boys coming back from off roading for the second time

Group shot from one of the off roading sites

Group play time. Catch the rose from the watering can



The OP Pack: How we wish we could run with you there - it looks like so much fun. So many great places to explore! Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber