New Years Eve and New Years Day

Khumbu Jan 01, 2018

Well it's the end of another year, times goes by quite fast.

New years eve was a windy affair, again, here, the morning was fine, but the wind built during the afternoon. It was good in a way as it helped dull the sound of any fireworks. Still Khumbu and Rita were upset by the ones that were close by. Rita wore her thundershirt and Khumbu just hung out on the human beds.

New years day was a pretty much none event. Hu'mum had been up most of the night with wisdom tooth pain, but she still took us for our walk. There were more fireworks during the day but not too many and we soon got over them.

We would like to wish our furfriends a wonderful new year filled with many adventures and treats BOL

Sunrise on New Years Day

Messing about in the acequia

Arko higher up the acequia

Ummm what happened to Rita's tail?

Heading up hill again

Searching for Red-legged Partridge

Arko brought a stick in the house to chew on, then later on 3 antlers were inside too

Last sunset of the year

Rita and Khumbu not too happy about the fireworks

Rita's thundershirt did the trick

Khumbu what you doing in the spare room?

It's OK the fireworks have stopped

Come play with me


The OP Pack: Poor Angel Ciara was so terrified of the fireworks that they would bring on seizures:( We hope it is a long time before you have to hear them again. Whew, we were happy to see that Rita's tail really wasn't MIA:) Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber