My Christmas day

Khumbu Dec 26, 2011

Starts with waking the hu'parents, having snuggles and going for walkies. It was a beautiful sunny morning and we didnt see another human. The acequia was running today so I went for a paddle.

We got to the Ermita and hu'mum wanted to take a Christmas day photo of me and Tapa but Tapa wouldnt stay still so its just me.

Sitting at Tajos de la Cruz, the Ermita that is on our walk

On our way down look who came out to see us on Christmas day, we hadnt seen them for a few days.

Two Ibex peeping down at us

This small group of Ibex come down from the mountains every winter to live where its a little warmer. For years I used to get so excited when I saw them and was a little uncontrollable but now im better behaved. Although I did have a mishap recently where I did get a little over excited (first time of seeing them this year) hu'mum had to let me go as I was pulling her over, but I was good and stayed on the path and didnt go up or down the mountain to chase them.

Some of the small group of Ibex

There is a big male in this group and hu'mum thinks he is gorgeous, but she hasnt managed to get a photo of him yet. He just stays lying down when we come past. In the photo below you can just see his horns.

The big male Ibex, well his horns

Once we got home and had cooled off after our walkies we were given a real treat of bones! The butcher had given the hu'parents a bag of meat and bones for us. Nom nom nom, as our furpal angel Benson would say.

nom nom nom

Tapa with his

nom nom nom

So as you can see it was a pretty good day. We hope you all had a great Christmas too. Hu'mum managed to this pic of the big male Ibex this morning, still not his body but at least you can see his head.

Male Ibex head

And I got this for breakfast today!

This has taken me nearly 2 hours to eat!

Its been a sad year for us with Bruno leaving for the Rainbow Bridge, other furpals going to, but our pal Benson, @bensonthehusky was such a shock. We will miss his tweets, run free Benson and big hugs to his, in Bensons words, ape.


On a happy note, a new edition to our pack is arriving soon. Here is a sneak preview of her.

She is a cutie


Khyra: Let's try this again - I khould have sworn I pawed something - Thanks fur sharing the pawesome fun woo had! And OH MY!!! Leona is a khutie pie - I know she'll be stealing hearts all around the world! Hugz&Khysses, Khyra

Kari: Merry Christmas to you! Stop on by for a visit Kari

FiveSibesMom: Oh, Khumbu, Merry Merry Christmas! What great photos and you sure look like you are enjoying your Christmas nom -noms! I get teary thinking about Bruno and know how his presence must have been sorely missed. I, too, have been thinking about Benson and the shock of how sudden he had to leave for the Rainbow Bridge since your Hu-Mom first informed me. The Five and I wish you all the best for 2012...and can't wait to see pics of your new pack addition! I know Khumbu you are going to be a great big brother to that sweet little girl. Can't wait to see photos of your new adventures. What's her name? Husky hugs to all and we are so glad we have come to know you and your Hu-Family!

Tyler Huskamute: Oh DOG! A sister?!?!? We agree with Five Sibes, you'll be a pawesome big bro, you'll have to look out for her really well :) Teach her all the cool boy things!! We send you many New Years thoughts and hope 2012 is pawesome and full of many adventures! ~ Tyler, Lil Dez and Packleaderette