Mostly a few snaps from around home

Khumbu Mar 20, 2018

First we start with a windy walk and the ingenious way Rita copes with the wind and her big ears!

Arko in at the deep end

How Rita copes with her big ears and the wind

And the back view

We were all lined up for some reason and just as hu'mum pressed the button Kyra stepped out of line BOL

A few days later we spent some time on the new, mostly finished, roof terrace.

Kyra was looking all regal even though she had a leaf stuck to her lip

Arko found a new water bowl

We surprised Khumbu

Mr blue eyes

Rita and her serious look

An alert went out, Khumbu is not sure he likes the new wall as he can't see through it

Arko decided he would jump up and look over the top

Rita howling

Rita and the lemon tree. Hu'mum thinks that sounds like a name of a band BOL

We ended the evening with a spectacular sunset

Arko and the sunset, another name for a band!


The Ao4: WOW, that sunset is awesome! Not as awesome as your ears, Rita, but mighty awesome! I like how you can really close up your ear flaps in the wind! Yours sincerely, Margaret Thatcher

The OP Pack: Every one of these shots gives us reason to smile. They are all beautiful. Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

KB: What a sunset!!!!!!!! Wow. In your photos, I am blown away by how gorgeous Rita is!