More fun with our friend

Khumbu Mar 21, 2018

Our friend, Colin, was back again to play with us. We do have such fun. A couple of short videos plus a few pictures.

The first video shows Colin waiting for us to arrive.

This video shows us playing .... again.

Now for some pictures from the rest of our walk.

Rita showing off to Colin, she did actually lay down in the muddy puddle but hu'mum missed the shot!

Khumbu took a walk along the ermita wall

Arko running into the water

Khumbu jumping in

Arko leaving the deeper part

Khumbu jumping out

We only included this one to show that it rained again

Hu'mum likes this one, she thinks we look like a band walking along BOL


Khyra and Sometimes Her Mom: WOW!!! What a fun fun fun time! How we wish we khould have romped too! Hugz&Khysses, The One With The H, Holly, and Khousin Emmy

The Ao4: Colin looks like a TON of fun to play with! And wow, look at those puddles! Cam would have a great time in those! Yours sincerely, Margaret Thatcher

The OP Pack: Colin seems to be a good pal. Your humans are awesome letting you play in that mud and then run through the water. We wold be getting the NO NO command from the Momster:) Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber