Lots of free running for me

Khumbu Feb 12, 2011

Well here I am again, im free running in the snow. Nothing better for a Siberian Husky and Hu'mum just loves to take photos of us running in the snow.

Im off to see what everyone is upto higher up the mountain

Oh I see Bruno thinks Hu'dad needs rescuing

Ah well id best go see what I can do to help then

No Bruno you are not helping by holding on to Hu'dads leg with your mouth

Hu'mum I am not going to disappear over the hill and never be seen again

Have no fear hu'mum im coming on down to you

Looksie im putting a lot of effort into this, snow going everywhere

Now im on one leg!

Hey hu'mum soon be with you

wooo im going so fast im blurred

woooo hi hu'mum

Move out the way I cant stop


Khyra: I'll dream about these pikhs - AND being there with all of woo - whilst Mom is at work today - She still thinks I'd end up in Siberia if I were running free ;-) Hugz&Khysses, Khyra PeeEssWoo: Pawesome awesome pikhs!

Wild Dingo: oohhhh boy, i will be soon sharing a sibe running story that will make your heart stop... but khumba, that recall ROCKS! ya baby.... show 'em you are not ALL sibe... ;)

norwood: Khumbu Your hu-mom rescue was spectacular! I bet she really liked the finish. Hee hee. I wanna zoomie with woos. norwood PS- I bet hu-dad got a great workout with bruno resistance

chester: Nordude and I will be there soon to join in the zoomie funballs! Great pics of what appears to be a wonderful zoomie "rink" Party on till we get there! Woofs and conjoined slobbers, Chester ;0=)

Pamela: Oooh, you have a fast camera. I'd just have lots of fuzzy blurs with mine. Great pictures--even better captions. "Now im on one leg." Bwahahahaha.

rahusky: Wow! Woo are a very lucky huskerboo! looks like a good time was had by all:) RA

FiveSibesMom: Khumbu, we love your smile while you are running! Nothing makes a Sibe happier than running free. I know five more who would love to be there running free in that snow with you!

Kari: You look so very happy in the snow! We found you on the Dogs With Blogs group and are now following you. We would love if you would stop by and follow us too! Kari http://dogisgodinreverse.com/