Loco Rita walkies

Khumbu Jun 13, 2016

It's been very hot these past couple of morning walkies, but today was cooler and it must have gotten to Rita because she was in a crazy mood.

Khumbu is wearing his cool neck tie to help cool him down

Rita are you still carrying that skanky bone around with you

Ooo there is something here

Ooo there is something here too

Chomping on water

Kyra strolling along the acequia

Blowing bubbles

Take off. Our land was being watered from the acequia and Rita just totally lost the plot.

And back again

Laying down in the muddy water

Showing how muddy the water is but Rita appears clean at the moment


NanĂ¼k: hawwooo Rita!! It's getting hot here too, early walkies are nice, we think the acequia is very cool and must be great to walk in! Play bows, Nuk