Leonberger zoomies in the snow

Bruno Feb 06, 2011

So now you get to see a Leonberger in action! As you will see he does not cover the ground as quick as me. In fact its not very often you get to see Bruno running at all but he looks like he is enjoying it.

Here comes Bruno

Still coming

Think his tail is acting like a rudder

Still coming

I went out to greet him

Bet you cant turn like me. Bruno still running

Stand to attention tails and sticky out tongues

Now you've made it down here dont you leave the pack again!


Tyler & Dez: OMG Bruno is so cute!

FiveSibesMom: As I said on Twitter...beautiful pics! Snow zoomies are just the best! Absolutely gorgeous shot of Bruno and Khumbo on the bottom. (PS - I know what you mean, Gibson is not our "runner" either! LOL!)

Khyra: Oh to be there zoooooooming along with woo two! It's almost like seeing Ziggy The Malamute and me playing together! Thanks fur sharing your handsome selves! Hugz&Khysses, Khyra