Las Alegas after the snow!

Khumbu Dec 27, 2010

We revisited Las Alegas later in December and there was snow, remember this post with little snow. We walked up a big fire break, Brett and Michelle came along with us for a great day out.

Walking up the fire break

You can see Mulhacen 3482m, the hibundle exec jekyll buildghest mountain in mainland Spain on the right

Taking a rest on the way up

We were heading to the rocks on the left so the humans could climb snow gullies

Hu'dad looking like Billy no mates

When we got to just below the rocks, the hu'mans practised their winter skils, ice axe breaking, belays, cutting steps in ice etc. They thought it would be funny to attach me to an icescrew and test the strength of it!

Attached to the icescrew whilst the hu'mans mess around

Having 40 winks

Off to investigate the icescrew but something catches my attention, could this be the test for the icescrew

Nope, find some ice to throw around and eat instead

So we moved up to the rocks so the humans could do their climbing in the snow gullies. We took a siesta!

Taking a siesta

The view looking down to the Mediterranean sea

Bruno woke up

Then fell asleep again!

I changed position

Then it was time to go, on the way down Brett ran with me and I very nearly pulled him over :)

Me dragging Brett down the snow slope

Nearly back at the car, but I smell Ibex

The sun going down and mist rolling in between the lower mountain valleys


Tyler & Dez: Pawesome pics, love the snow!

Tyler & Dez: Pawesome pics! Love the snow...sleeping in it is my fav!

Theo: WOW! You guys are awesome--and you look like you have a great life! I'll try not to get too jealous following you blog. :) And thanks for visiting our blog, too! Theo

FiveSibesMom: Those are some absolutely amazing photos. Khumbu and Bruno are just beautiful and set against that snow...just "paw"some! Love the landscape shots too. Beautiful land!

Khyra: Those are some of the furry same ways I enjoy snow AND naps too! Hugz&Khysses, Khyra PeeEssWoo: GREAT PIKHS!