Khumbu's call of the mountain

Khumbu Aug 07, 2011

Wooo I got to go camping with hu'dad and his friends in the Sierra Nevada mountains. I had a great time. It was hot on the way up, we walked for around 7hours to reach our camping area. I seeked out the shade and paddled in the lakes and streams, there were even patches of snow left for me to roll in. They took me on a nasty path, where I cried, dug my feet in etc. They had to hoist me over 1 section!

Sleeping on the grass and trying to move in on hu'dads bivvy

We slept at 3000m and it was a lovely cool 4C at night, perfect husky weather. All the way up there were lots of mountain goats, yum yum, but I wasn't allowed to go catch dinner for the night! Even throughout the night the mountain goats were around keeping me entertained. I slept next to hu'dad on some lovely grass, we dont get much of that down here at home. I stayed on fox duty for most of the night and did a good job as not one came to visit us camping.

Watching out for those mountain goats and foxes

I woke hu'dad up at first light with a husky kiss and had cuddles. We then set off for home following the Rio Lanjaron, it took about 3 hours to reach the car. On the way down we saw 10 Griffon Vultures circling in the skys above us, hu'mum would have loved to have seen them, but she had to stay home nursing Bruno. I got lots of praise for being such a good boy. It was my first ever camping trip and I did great.

Walking down the Lanjaron Valley following the Rio Lanjaron and passing by Cerro de Caballo

Here is a link to hu'dads post he did about our trip and below is a video of my couple of days in the mountains. The music is by a great Spanish group called Café Quijano and the song is La Duquesa, hope you like the video and the music. And a few more pics :-

Smelling the cool mountain air mixed with goat and fox smells mmmmm

Wooo look there is a patch of snow under my nose

Trying out the puppy look to see if I could score some camp food

Strange shot, but I guess I was dreaming of chasing mountain goats

Looking up at the snow wondering if I could get there and catch a mountain goat at the same time


rahusky: What a fabulous time Khumbu! We love the pics- especially the second one! Give Bruno some special huskerboo huggs from us OK? Take care furiends! RA

FiveSibesMom: Absolutely gorgeous pics of Khumbu! As you know, the one of him standing against the night sky "watching out for goats and foxes" is just amazingly beautiful! I have to share this post!

oli: Great photos and videos....did you stay up all night guarding ?

Khyra: Be Still My Siberian Huzzy I mean Husky Heart SIGH! Hugz&Khysses, Khyra PeeEssWoo: SIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!