Khumbu is back walking with us again

Khumbu Feb 25, 2018

Twelve days after the vet visit and Khumbu is back on long walks again. A couple of days after the vet visit and cleaning the foot with Betadine (iodine solution) hu'mum brought some Colloidal silver after a friend recommended it to her. Since she has been cleaning his foot with this it has worked wonders and we can not recommend this stuff highly enough. This will be our 'go to' stuff in future, read up on it "Colloidal silver is a liquid antibiotic, anti-viral and anti-fungal that has been touted as treating and preventing an assortment of conditions in both humans and animals."

Hu'mum is happy we are walking back as a pack, although she did enjoy the ease of walking two of us at a time. The humans have been hard at work preparing for an unusual event, rain, lots and lots of rain is forecast. Wood is being brought up and put under cover, kindling is being collected and put under cover, vegetables are being told water is coming, washing is being done, work on the roof terrace is being completed. We are helping as much as we can keeping the regular clock, walkies, breakfast, snoozing, playing, snoozing, dinner, playing, bedtime!

First long walk for Khumbu

The weather was changing

But the next day it was blue sky again

The following day the rain was arriving just a little. Hu'mum was fascinated by the straight cloudline

And the window down to the Mediterranean Sea.

A rainbow as we past our neighbours house

The only shot with a dog in that hu'mum took that day. How could she forget us?

She took a little video of our first outing back together, well actually just leaving the yard and going along our terraces. No limping from Khumbu. But he has turned right paw'd, usually he does everything with his left paw.


The OP Pack: That is great news on Khumbu. Mom is going to check out that colloidal silver and see if we might keep some on hand here. Awesome photos, especially those group shots!!!