Khumbu birthday walkies

Khumbu Jan 03, 2018

Well the 3rd of January is my birthday and I turned 11 years young. I had lots of birthday wishes over the socials and I would like to thank you all for them.

I have been with hu'mum for most of her Spanish adventure. She arrived in Lanjaron August 2006 and I arrived in Lanjaron March 2007.

Anyway we had a great walk and found some great smells to follow. I have been taking some supplements to help with a little limping/stiffness and they are working so well, apparently, I have found my inner puppy again. Who knew it was still there? This makes us all happy. Here are the pictures from my birthday walkies.

Out of the gate we shot off and up onto some land. We got the smell of something we were not telling hu'mum what it was

Kyra having a good sniff about

Arko returning from his sniffing expedition

The boys are off again

One of our favourite olive trees, it would help if hu'mum got the whole tree in the picture

Past the barky Labradors

Past some more barky dogs and into the sun

I know there are goats down there, or is this where Arko went?

The acequia wasn't running but it had caught some puddles so we could get a drink

Kyra half glowing in the sun

Did someone mention sweeties?

An attempt at a group photo, Arko was not wanting to join in and had gone off in search of fun

Little miss glowing ears, please let me off the lead I promise I won't run off with Arko

Birthday boy

Heading home, Arko had joined us again, what is going on down there then?


Khyra and Sometimes Her Mom: Oh how I wish we khould have shared some birthday KHAKE... I would have pawed fur some KHAT flavoured ;-) Happy Khumbu Day!!!!!!!!!!! Hugz&Khysses, Just Khyra

nanuk: Happy birthday mate!! Nuk

The Ao4: What great birthday fun!!! Happy belated birthday! Cammie!

KB: Happy Birthday, Khumbu! What a wonderful walk with your pack!