It appears to be all about our new friend

Khumbu Mar 14, 2018

Our posts seem to be all about our new friend at the moment. We are so pleased though that he has joined our gang we have such fun together. We have included 2 short videos and a few photos. Please excuse hu'mums videoing!!

The first one is proof to Hu'grandma that Khumbu is fine and has plenty of energy, she thinks he is showing his age! The next one is of us playing with our friend, we don't know his name, we have decided to call him Colin!

Rita and Colin practicing their levitating dance moves

Following Colin

Colin chasing Khumbu and Rita

Rita and Arko have to take it in turns off the lead playing with Colin at the moment. This was Rita's turn.

Last cool down before home


Khyra and Sometimes Her Mom: How khool! Khan I trade some Golden Retrievers? Hugz&Khysses, Khyra And yes, THOSE BLONDES!