Introducing Rita the Perrita

Rita Nov 26, 2013

We have a new member of the pack. Rita and her brother were handed in to Paws for Thought after they had been rescued from a cage in the campo where they were expected to live in their pee and poop, the owners only ever came up every three to five days to give water and food. They were covered in fleas and riddled with worms. For sure these two young pups would not have survived long.

Rita and her brother Luca who now has a new home in Germany

The hu'parents gave some old books and dvd's to Paws for Thought and mentioned they were looking for another dog to take in the mountains and were sent pictures of Rita and her brother. They went to meet Rita a few days later and brought her home with them.

Rita's first day with us

We have no idea what breed she is but it looks like she will be her own unique breed, there is a chance she is part Husky, part German Shepherd or maybe part lamb, we don't really know so it will be fun watching her grow up.

Husky, German Shepherd, Lamb?

She has now been with us 11 days, is around 11/12 weeks old and has settled into life here very well. She plays most of the time with Kyra, she doesn't yet understand husky play even though I keep trying to teach her and Tapa is just dead grumpy with her.

Rita and the big dog antler!

So there you go this is Rita.

Exhausted after meeting everyone

Rita and the jolly ball

Rita on one bed

Rita in her blankets

Rita on another bed

Rita hanging out of her bed

Rita on 2 beds!

Rita looking like a kangaroo on the sofa

Teaching Rita how to sleep husky style. Excuse the hole in the sofa we have tried many times to restyle it!

Rita snuggling with Kyra

Rita snuggling with Khumbu's tail

Rita snuggling into Khumbu

Trying to keep paws and tails away from Rita. This is what Kyra thinks to it!

Rita chewing on Kyra’s leg

Rita and her friend Kyra


And last but not least a video of Rita settling into her new home.


kHyra: Khongrats to my pals 'khross The Pond! She's a furry lovely meter maid! Hugz&Khysses, The One With The H PeeEssWoo: Go Handsome Khumbu!!! Pretend woo are snuggling with me!

Sue Sharpe (@suesharpe1): So cute! She looks as though she's settled in well. :-)

Emma: What a bold little girl. Don't think you will have any problems in the mountains with her by your side. Kyra is simply fab with her, so lovely to watch them play xxxx

The Ao4: Oh, isn't having a new pack member WONDERFUL!?!?! Teach her well! Cammie! PS: My mom LOVES the snuggle pictures!

Kari: She is adorable! Stop on by for a visit Kari

RAHUSKY: Happy wooooos mates! Rita - woo are a doll! So happy for everyone, RA

Caleb and Strider: She is beautiful :) Gorgeous photos. Arrroooooooos!

Jenna,Mark “HuskyCrazed” Drady: Awwwwww what great pics!!! So adorable!!!