I'm on top of the kennel!

Khumbu Apr 18, 2010

Dad has been growing things on top of my kennel so I went to investigate. Turns out there are strawberries, coriander and oregano, mum has some squash seeds up there too. Apparently im not supposed to go up there, but hey that's my kennel roof, i'm a husky and I will go where i'm not supposed to.

On top of the kennel roof

After being caught up there I thought I would sit and act cute to not get into trouble, it worked, they found it rather funny in the end, works every time, woooo.

Sitting down, trying to look my cutest


Lisa: The cute face works everytime! :D

The Thundering Herd: Looking cute is always the solution. P.S. - Love your kennel. It looks awesome.

Oli: Well done mate...I agree with you it's your kennel so you should be able to sit on it. How would they like it if their roof terrace was suddenly covered in stinky plants..pee on them... I dare you !!

Jules: I know nothing!! you tell them Khumbu :-)