Hot dog walkies in a gorge

Khumbu Feb 28, 2011

We went on a long hot walk yesterday. The other humans in the group were rock climbing so hu'mum took us for a walk. We went into a gorge and walked up hill for an hour. Silly hu'mum left all our water in the car so after an hour of not finding any water we turned around without getting to where we wanted to. On our way back we did find a drinking trough so we jumped in and cooled off.

Other humans were rock climbing too and they had some little dogs with them. I went to chase one, pulled the lead out of hu'mums hand and was off, she called out "WAIT" and guess what ......... I stopped in my tracks and waited for her!! Think im getting the hang of that command :-)

Look how hot I am

Slobber time. Bruno flinging his slobber about

A hot slobbery Bruno

A hot Khumbu

The humans doing the rock climbing

The view we would have had if we had reached the top. Just imagine this view with snow covering all the mountains

Cooling off in the water! Dont tell anyone but I did fall in. I tried to test the depth with 1 paw but lost my balance and toppled in!

Bruno cooling off in the water

The two of us cooling off in the water. Mum thinks I need sunglasses!


FiveSibesMom: Great pics! Wow, you guys look hot...amazing pics of you and Bruno set against the mountain. I bet you wish the snow was still there...but the water looks like you guys had a good time cooling off! Congrats on the "wait" command...that is a huge accomplishment for a Sibe!

RAHUSKY: What a grand time! Good thing woo found somewhere to wade eh?

Tyler & Dez: Looking good boys!!

Kari: I loved going along on the hike with you guys! Kari

Khyra: Did woo hear my mom laugh snort chukhkle and snikhker at the WAIT khommand thing? I so don't khoncept that - or maybe I should paw I do BUT I choose to ignore those words - and words like it - I'm sorry - it's what I am! Great pikhs! The hike looked absolutely beaWOOtiful! Hugz&Khysses, Khyra