Highest dogs in Spain

Khumbu Jun 04, 2013

We joined the hu'parents on a two day trip into the Sierra Nevada mountains. We spent the night on the summit of Mulhacen 3482m, the highest mountain in mainland Spain. We had the most amazing sunset and sunrise any of the humans had ever seen. Next day hu'dad skied down the east face of Mulhacen. It was a very long two days for us and we were exhausted when we finally reached the car again.

And we're off

Photo stop

Away we go again

Many hours of going up hill in the sun. Im with Pepe here

Having a rest waiting for everyone to catch up

We hit snow eventually. Great for me and Kyra to cool down in

Doing the Cheoah snow slide

More uphill

Hu'mum turned this picture black and white.

Resting with my friend Pepe

Kyra cooling down in the snow

After many hours we eventually make the summit. Us with Ian

The wonderful sunset

Another picture of the sunset

Home for the night

Kyra chose to sleep here but she did end up tucked up against hu'mum by morning

Doing the Siberian swirl, next to my friend Pepes bed. I chose not to sleep on my bed until much later.

Night night everybody. There were lots of stars, shooting stars and satellites in the sky.

Sunrise. A red glow behind the mountains in the far distance

Kyra glowing in the morning sun

Checking out the sunrise

The sun finally hitting us

Is it breakfast time yet?  

Come on hu'parents and Kyra lets get up, breakfast time!

Come on get up, can you see Kyra snuggled up in the middle. Lets go the sun is up.

Why is it taking you so long?

Finally leaving the summit.

Hu'mum very excited over this very rare sighting. Quebrantahuesos (bone breaker), Gypaetus barbatus, Bearded Vulture, Lammergeier, Lammergeyer or what ever you want to call it

Heading down the east side to get into position to film hu'dad skiing down

Hu'dad skiing

Walking down to meet up with hu'dad

A snow walk to get back out

A tired Kyra resting on our way down.

Off the mountain at last, having a rest. Im in the shade beside the sign.

Such a long walk out. Heading into some shade provided by these trees.

At long last back at the cars. Im in the shade under the car and Kyra is in the open boot.

I hope you enjoyed our trip. We did but it has taken us a few days to get over it. We particularly enjoyed our sleep out in the snow and being the highest dogs in Spain.


Caleb & Strider: Arrooooooos! Stunning pics :)

Juneau n Sunny: Just beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

FiveSibesMom: What beautiful pics!!! So lucky to be the highest dogs in Spain! Khumbu, you are king of the mountain! And love that snow slide! Love the pic of Kyra in the sunrise, too! Just breathtaking shots! I bet the "kids" loved being on the trip! Sharing your post over on our FiveSibes Facebook page, too! Just too beautiful not to share!

Clowie: The photographs are beautiful. That sunrise was amazing. It must have been lovely to wake up to that. We have something in common - I always make the most of any spot of shade.

The Army of Four: I'll bet that snow slide felt great after all that hiking! I LOVE those sunset and sunrise photos! How beautiful! PLay bows, Zim

kHyra: SIGH! Oh how THIS 'K' wishes she khould have been there! Thanks fur letting me slide and swirl along! Hugz&Khysses, The One With The H ;-)