Helping out on a crag day!

Khumbu Jan 19, 2010

We got to go on a crag day in Lanjaron, we like going on these days because we get to be outside all day and watch the strange things the humans get upto there. We do our bit though to help, we guard the area, and hoover any crumbs that are dropped so it stays nice and clean. Hope you like the pictures of our day, you will see how busy we were. 44" "300" Sitting together watching the humans"

Sitting together watching the humans

Looking out over Lanjaron with the snowy peak of Cerro de Caballo behind

Bruno looking after the rucksack's

Me having some time out"%}

Bruno, ummm trying to hide!?

Making sure the area is safe

Checking out the other way, cant be too safe

Brunos street cred just plummeted, the humans thought this was great


FiveSibesMom: What beautiful pics! Especially that first one of Khumbu and Bruno. The backdrop against your beautiful furbabies is just awesome. And don't worry Bruno, you still have street cred! You get many points for just humoring the Hu-family! ;-)

RAHUSKY: What a beautiful day for such an adventure! Thanks for sharing:) RA & Isis