Helicopter alert

Khumbu Dec 30, 2017

With so little rain this winter and high winds it was inevitable that wildfires would start up. One big one did so yesterday.

While on our walk Khumbu alerted us that a helicopter was flying. Whenever hu'mum hears a helicopter she goes outside to see if it has a fire bucket underneath. Since he was little he has always followed hu'mum into the garden to watch too. Now he is the first to alert us when a helicopter is around. You see Sibes are a working breed!

Rita checking out the downed tree branch that is still there

Hey hu'mum do you hear that? I think it's a helicopter. See all the olives that have been blown off the trees

Yep definitely a helicopter

The boys ran back to investigate. We think it was checking out the smoke you can see on the left

It's all good it's heading back now

Oh so he got back to you with the news first did he. We can continue then

Arko went to a deeper part of the acequia

We three are quite happy in the shallower part

Arko then joined us

Then he decided he wanted a Jacuzzi

So then Khumbu had to have a go

What do you think has been here before us then

The olive groves are now ready for olive collection. Ground has been flattened to make it easy to collect them


The Ao4: A Siberian's job is never done! Yours sincerely, Margaret Thatcher