Happy 8th Birthday Khumbu

Khumbu Jan 03, 2015

It's my 8th birthday today. We are not big on birthday and other commercial holidays in our house, shocking I know, so we don't really get presents for birthdays or Christmas etc, but we do get extra treats and lots of photos taken. This was my birthday walk, it was cold (for us Southern Spanish softies) and sunny, just some snow would have made it perfect but no chance of that! Warning - this post is quite heavy on photos, for some reason hu'mum wanted every photo to be shown so you can see how hard we work her so that she can get one good group shot or a single shot of us :)

We started our walk by walking up to the Ermita. Today hu'mum decided up was good because the path was icy and yesterday she very nearly fell over BOL

Yes I believe Ibex have been this way recently

I'm by your side hu'mum but I am watching in case any of those Ibex come near

oh here we go photo time

According to hu'mum I was looking good standing up here but I moved before she took the photo. Treats, we need treats

Something smells good up here. Rita is hiding behind Kyra

Yep definitely smells good. Hu'mum moved to get Rita in the photo

Oooo what's that

Strike a pose

Rita just can't bear it any longer

My lead is wrapped around my leg

Where did everyone go

I don't want to look at the camera, I know you want a nice photo of me with the blue sky behind

Yes my harness is always slipping to the side, nice pylon over there

This is as good as it's going to get today

Right I'm off, more important things to do

Something interesting happened here. Notice the frosty road closest we get to snow

Have a little stretch to get closer

Yes Rita there is something very interesting here, but we won’t tell the humans what it is.

Spent the rest of the day doing this and playing


FiveSibesMom: Wow! What a fabulous Birthday outing you had! I know we caught up with you on other social media for your special day, but Happy, Happy Birthday, Khumbu! All year long!!!!