Get Kyra type of walkies

Khumbu May 28, 2016

It appears this walkies was about us having fun, hu'mum finding a new setting on the camera and Rita ambushing Kyra. There is no rhyme or reason as to why Rita ambushes Kyra, some days it happens, some days it doesn't but Rita has great pleasure it in and totally looses the plot in the process. Kyra, I think, wishes the annoying skinny big eared white dog would stop behaving like a loonie.

JJ the wildboar came and did some rotivating over night

Hu'mum found the fisheye setting for the camera

Another fisheye shot

Rita wouldn't stay still so it went even odder on her shot

Rita found a bone

Hu'mum found another orchid, Kyra photobombed this one

Phase one of ambush Kyra

Ooo Rita there is a kitty cat in here I am sure of it

Rita running through a puddle


One, two, three shut your eyes

Shaking water

Stick your tongue out and dribble

Exit the acequia

Ambush Kyra, grab her ear

Grab her other ear

Grab back of neck but beware of big teeth coming for you

Try to pull ear off while Khumbu walks past ignoring us

Going for the knockdown

Uh oh wild crazy Leonberger trying to take a chunk out of my ear. Time to end.