Funniest dog walk

Khumbu Nov 09, 2014

This was us settling down for the night

The weather has changed to winter, autumn was not long with us, so now we spend more time on the sofa and our beds rather than the cool tile floor. All though we do still leave home when they light the fire!

In the acequia which is flowing again. You can also see the snow level

We walked up to the Ermita and started to head down to a different area, but hu'mum found fresh Wild Boar prints and with it being a Sunday (hunting) she didn't want us to bump into a scared Wild Boar. So we about turned and went our usual way. Rita ran off ahead and was running through the olive groves because the farmer was watering them and it's always good fun to run through muddy water.

This was Rita after she fell in the Alberca BOL

When we all caught up together again Rita was just wondering if it was possible to walk on water! Before hu'mum had chance to say Nooooooooo, Rita stepped onto water and vanished head first into a water storage called an alberca. We didn't need to worry as this was a shallow one and Rita could stand up, but hu'mum couldn't stop laughing because Rita's face was hilarious once she realised water was not solid.

Rita did fall in head first double BOL

Still laughing we continued on our way until we came across the dreaded plastic bag in a tree. OMD Rita lost the plot, we all went on alert to protect eachother, but Kyra and I stood down when we realised what the problem was and that there was no threat. Poor Rita though still has much to learn. Hu'mum was rubbish, she couldn't get the camera out quick enough and when she did it ran out of battery so there is only this one shot and a 20 second video (mostly hu'mum huffing and puffing as we dragged her up the hill).

OMD it's a plastic bag in a tree Alert Alert

The rest of the walk was quite uneventful in comparison!


The Ao4: Oh, you were SO BRAVE with that plastic bag in a tree!!! You just NEVER know what those things are going to do. I salute you, Rita!!! Yours sincerely, Margaret Thatcher

NanĂ¼k: Oh Rita! That's some mighty fine guard dogging there BOL!! NukNuk

FiveSibesMom: Oh, Rita, you are fast girl! Good thing because you never know if those bags are dangerous or not, so best be on alert! BOL! Love the "alert" pic! Looks like between bag alerts and walking on water, you sure do have some fun adventures!