Fun walkies

Khumbu May 15, 2016

It was another beautiful morning for our walkies today. Khumbu was off lead again for a most of it. Hu'mum did put him back on occasionally because he did just start to trot off, not after anything, just happily trotting away using the "Siberian I can't hear you card"! He did run off at one point after a Kestrel, so it was back on the lead again!! He has this thing about birds, has done since he was a puppy. The neighbour used to keep parakeets, one day he let them out to fly free. They stayed around for a few days and hung out in our trees teasing Khumbu, he would spend hours chasing them from tree to tree. Since then he has always chased birds. He even chased a Golden Eagle when he was out in the snowy mountains one year!

Oh was I going the wrong way

Chomping on the water

One of these days hu'mum will remember the horizon

She did it

Did someone mention treats?

This is how close Kyra walks behind hu'mum

I heard the treat bag rattle

Watching the kestrel, just after this photo he ran off after it BOL

Heading back home

Kyra not so close to hu'mum

You said to go for a swim, so I went into the pool! I'ts empty and dirty!

Oh this is the pool you mean, we need a bigger one for the 3 of us

Rita drying out on the old mattress

Kyra cooling down in the shade

Khumbu making sure breakfast is not forgotten

Thanks for joining us.


FiveSibesMom: Such beautiful photos! Looks like they had a wonderful day!