Fun on the roof terrace part two

Khumbu Mar 04, 2018

We hope you enjoyed part one of "fun on the roof terrace", ready for part two? After a short break in playing due to the contagious yawns, we resumed the games again but we ramped it up. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Things started to get a little out of control

Zoomies and near collisions may have happened

Yep that was a close one

Rita trying our her Ninja moves

We have no idea what is happening in this shot

Khumbu trying his Ninja moves

Rita lost the plot and zoomied which wound the boys up

Rita trying her best to get out of Khumbu's way but he got her

Then it was get Khumbu

And then ooops Khumbu flattened Rita

Rita lost it again and thought she would try her Ninja moves on both the boys

After all the fun and games it's time to take a drink

Cat alert

What you doing down there hu'mum


The OP Pack: Oh, such fun!!! Wish we could go up on the rooftop with all of you - just think of the zoomies fun we could have!!! Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

KB: Wow, what amazing fun!!!!! I love the photos where their eyes appear to be bugging out of their heads with excitement!