Free walkies

Khumbu May 14, 2016

Today's walkies was beautiful. The wind has gone, the temperatures are going up and there was plenty of water to cool us down.

Khumbu was off lead for the whole walk. This is the first time ever that hu'mum has allowed him off lead for the whole time. He did really well, stopping when hu'mum asked, he came back for liver treats, Rita enjoyed having him to trot along with. He really enjoyed it. All went well, until we were on our own land, the neighbours dog Tintin barked, Rita ran off to see what he was talking about and so Khumbu followed, sigh! Thankfully they were not gone long and came home. Khumbu was very hot, went to look for the pool to have a cool off. Hu'mum has not got it ready yet but today she says she will clean it and fill it up for us.

Khumbu seems to enjoy squeezing in to Rita's bed

Running down the road

Having a good look at something

Hu'mum liked the cloud on the mountain and you can see the Mediterranean sea. We said it was too early for a posed shot.

Kyra walking behind hu'mum

A very interesting message was left for us here


Heading to the acequia to cool down. Please excuse hu'mum's horizon!

In the water next to the wild garlic

We think Kyra was bored here BOL. Again forgive the horizon

Khumbu and Rita sharing a secret

Kyra looked beautiful in the sunlight. Shame hu'mum didn't realise the world was tilting

Off again

Enjoying being up front as Rita had gone off on her own adventure

Heading down to our barky dog friends

Come on Kyra, this is fun

Now we are off to see the goat herders dogs

Cooling down in the water, again. The battery on the camera died, so hu'mum had to finish off using her mobile.

Trotting along in the water

Heading down from the ermita

Still going down

The last photo before we hit the road, then home. As you know there is no home photo as a certain two pups wanted to extend their walk