Flat top with the hu'parents

Khumbu Nov 12, 2010

So we got to go to flat top again with the hu'parents. This time hu'mum took us to the top via a different route so Bruno wouldnt get stuck again. I led the way to the top and back down again. Hu'mum said I made a good leader as I chose a good route. We had quite a bit of hanging around to do so hu'mum took lots of pictures of us whilst hu'dad and the others did their stuff.

Bruno sat at the summit

Me looking out

Getting a different view and smelling those mountain goats

Bruno looking handsome

Me sat waiting for Hu'dad

Tasting the soil

On the summit wondering if that is hu'dad I can hear

Wondering why hu'mum keeps taking photos

Bruno with his ears blowing in the wind

Ok hu'mum here is my handsome look

Time for the afternoon siesta

Definitely siesta time

Happy dreams

Waiting at the bottom of the mountain for hu'dad and others to abseil their way down! Why not just walk?

Chewing on pine cones is a good way to pass the time


Khyra: Oh my my! Those pikhs are taking our breaths away! INKHREDIBLE! Hugz&Khysses, Khyra