Excavating a cool hole for the summer

Khumbu Aug 21, 2010

Living in Andalucia as we do, during the summer you have to change your lifestyle around a little to cope with the couple of months when its real hot. We have very early walks, my Hu'mum does not like this so I become her alarm clock, between 5.45am and 6.15am I wander in and wake her.

Laying down to eat food helps save energy

But what to do when you get back from the walk and after a swim.  Most years I have dug a number of shallow holes around the garden, this year I went for a couple but 1 in particular I liked so much I kept working on it.

You see the Hu'parents built the wood a shelter to protect the wood from the worst of the weather during the winter and I have turned this into my best hole. I have to share it with some left over wood but its good for chewing on. Its a great place to hang out, so if im not inside the house im in the wood shelter den.

Finding somewhere cool to lay inside the house

Below are some pictures for you to see how to excavate one for yourself.

Choose your area carefully, make sure you will be comfy and happy

This is one I was not happy with, the cat kept wanting to join me

Let the work begin

Try it out again for size

Excavate some more until you are 100% happy with it

Yep seems ok

Try a different position

Have a chew on a stick

Have a little rest

Nip in for a little icecream

Excavate some more to make sure you reach the really cool earth

Take another nap to ensure all is good this time

You too can reach this kind of happiness


The Thundering Herd: Excellent demonstration of the skills. Our dog yard sort of looks like the surface of the moon,

karl: Awww so cute!