Ever changing ear style

Rita Dec 01, 2013

Rita has been living with us for 4 weeks now and she has changed her ear style most weeks. She has settled into the pack really well and can now come out on walks but she obviously gets a shorter one for the time being.

When Rita came to live with us 4 weeks ago she had 2 standy up ears!

One and half weeks later she has 2 floppy ears!

Nearly 2 weeks later she has one of each! It seems she may like this style as it has not changed for a while now.


Sue Sharpe (@suesharpe1): She is just Sooooooo cute!

kHyra: I bet Khumbu's behind all of it ;-) Hugz&Khysses, kHyra

Clowie: She's gorgeous! And that one ear up and one ear down style is very cute.