Entertaining walkies

Khumbu May 25, 2016

We all appeared to be a little giddy on this walk. Not really sure what happened to us but it looks like we had fun, not so sure about Hu'mum!

The walk started off like this. Rita getting Kyra and all 3 of us heading the wrong way

First water stop

Our horse friends

Heading down to water stop number 2

Hu'mum was photographing this orchid and Khumbu photobombed it! He actually kicked water over hu'mum and the camera and trod on the orchid!

At water stop number 3 hu'mum lost control of us. Khumbu was over the wall, Rita was vanishing off in the distance along the wall and Kyra was just deciding who to follow

Kyra decided to follow Khumbu

Then some sort of order was restored, apart from Rita was still AWOL

Talk to the tail

We were made to stop for a photo at the ermita, Rita started to get the giggles

Then it was full blown hysteria. She wouldn't share the joike

Order restored again

Khumbu got to share some white chocolate with hu'dad. Don't worry it was a tiny piece